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Fishing Report 7/12/2015

Gallatin River:

With the afternoon rain storms and lower temperatures the Gallatin is coming back to life! Even with this cooler weather, the lower Gallatin from Sheds Bridge (near Four Corners) downriver to where the Gallatin meets the Maddison is on Hoot Owl Restriction, no fishing 2:00pm till Midnight.  This means fish Big Sky! Even though this week looks like the temperatures will be in the 70’s during the days and 40’s at night, morning and evenings will be the better times to get out and fish.  During the day if you find some time to get out, look for riffle water, up against the banks and that slower water tucked behind little rock patches.  PMDs for mornings, rubber legs afternoon and by evenings Caddis!

Don’t forget to keep your eyes out for the infamous spruce moth.  We are starting to see signs of them in the area.  No significant hatches as of yet but we expect to see it any day now!


Fly Suggestions:

Pearl & Elk Caddis


Royal Wulff

Chubby Chernobyls

Purple Lighting Bug

Kyles BH Yellow Sally

Pats Stone Rubber Leg


Yellowstone River:

Rain and more rain to come.  The Yellowstone has been going from kind of muddy to muddy and back again! Checking daily for the water clarity is key.  When the water starts clearing up, the fish have been hitting in the deeper, cooler water.  Also try up along the banks and anywhere that has shade.  Looking ahead at the week’s weather, looks like more rain and some wind!  Look for smaller hoppers that are starting to show their faces. Areas on the river where the muddy streams are merging, try fishing the muddy line with a streamer for one of those BIG BOYS we all love!


Fly Suggestions:


Royal Wolff

Dark Rubber Legs

Girdle Bugger

SH Copper John



Upper Madison River:

The Maddison between Hebgen Lake and Ennis Lake has had some cooler water.  This cooler water has been some of the most consistent in the area and that has been helping with some great fishing!  Fishing early mornings with PMDs has had great results and Caddis in the evenings.  In the afternoons fish are not hitting as hard, try a rubber leg or a small streamer. Looking at the week to come, weather seems to be staying a little cooler then these past weeks so get out and fish!


Fly Suggestions:



Yellow Sallies

Zebra Midges

Evan’s Iron Lotus Olive


Lower Maddison:

Hoot Owl Restriction from Ennis Dam to the Missouri River, No fishing 2pm to midnight. The water is warm on this part of the Madison.  It’s better to let the fish hang out and grab your friends and check out the Bikini Hatch! If you do find yourself up at sun rise and want to fish try a PMD with a dropper or try a streamer.