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Hello from Big Sky!

Winter is coming to an end and longer warmer days mean it’s time to return to the rivers. Most of our staff take to the slopes when the snow starts falling but we all enjoy some time spent on the water when the conditions are right. Winter fishing on the Gallatin was good this season and we’ve already seen healthy hatches of BWO’s, Midges, and even a few stoneflies if you know where and when to look…

As we move toward full runoff the river will change from green to brown, green means go! Watch for nights with a solid freeze and fish accordingly, bigger darker water means bigger uglier flies, bright colored worms and streamers that move water. A wise man once told me that the fish don’t leave the river so if you’re itching to fish I say go for it, just make sure you have reasonable expectations. Our favorite flies for the Gallatin this time of year are: Rubberlegs in all sizes and colors, Worms, Eggs, Psycho Princes, Lightnings Bugs, Krafts Kreelex, and classic pheasant tails. New flies are already rolling in for spring so swing by the shop and stock up now!

The Madison is fishing great this spring and with this seasons changes in regulations people have the opportunity to spread out a little bit, just be cautions of spawning fish and give redds a wide berth. Dry Fly fishing has been good when the wind is low and the clouds are out, Griffiths Gnats, Parachutes, and the smoke jumper Midge are a few of our go to fly’s for early season risers. Nymphing will be killer all spring, a rubber legs with a Juju Baetis is a great combo, worms and eggs will get it done especially if we start to see some color to the water. Streamer fishing isn’t fully game on yet but has been decent in the mornings and evenings. Try dead drifting or slow twitching a zonker, bugger, or other small sculpin pattern and be wary of subtle strikes…

The River shop is gearing up for summer! With new flies, new rods, and new gear showing up all the time you never know what you’re going to find. There are lots of new changes to the regulations this season so swing by the shop and pick up a new set!

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