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Fishing Report 5/15/2016


Hello from Big Sky, it’s been business as usual this spring. That means sunny 70 degree days followed by massive snow storms followed by more sun with some monsoon style rain mixed in sporadically… Despite the sometimes adverse weather conditions the fishing can be great this time of year. The Gallatin will come into play for nymphing whenever it cools down enough to change from brown to green, target the slower pockets near the banks with a rubber legs and adjust your depth and split shot until you start to feel the tug. A large streamer can move some monsters if you’re willing to put the time in.

If the Gallatin is blown out or you’re looking for a change of pace the Upper Madison has been absolutely on fire this past couple of weeks. The float section has some mud and about 12 inches of visibility but the reports coming back lately have been solid. Streamers have been moving fish, we like black dungeons for cloudy water on overcast days, white bellydancers. Galloups Bunker and sculpin sparkle minnows are all good options when the sun is shining. Nymph fishing will be the best way to bring fish in, rubber legs, dips, bwo’s and sally’s in 14-18’s will all get it done when the timing is right. Don’t be afraid to change up your flies depth and split shot if you’re not getting them. It’s the Madison they’re in there! The wade section has clearer water and even though it’s been a bit busy lately, with other waters being high and Muddy, the fishing remains awesome. Small yellow sally nymphs and hot bead worms have worked best for us lately but that can change at anytime. The wind has been cranking these past few days but expect to find good dry fly action when the conditions are right. Midges, BWO’s and Caddis are all coming off with stoneflies on the way soon!?

Grizzly Outfitters on the River is open Tuesday through Sunday until Memorial Day weekend when we’ll switch over to summer hours. We are stocked up with flies and gear for the spring/summer season so swing by before your next day on the water or stop by after and let us know how it was!