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Gallatin River Fishing Report 6/27/16


Hello from Big Sky,

There’s a buzz around Big Sky this week and it’s Salmon Flies! Pteronarcys Californica has been spotted in large number and at this point the bulk of the hatch is just south of Big Sky. Chasing monster Salmon Flies is a worthy endeavor and can pay off big time when you hit it at the right time, but that isn’t always easy to do… If you’re fishing ahead of the hatch nymphing with a large rubber legs can make for some of the most productive fishing of the year, trail a small mayfly or sally Nymph off of the back and hold on! If you’re fishing big dries do yourself a favor and shorten up that leader. A 4 to 6 foot piece of 3x will get the job done and help turn over those size 4 salmon fly patterns.

It’s easy to be blinded by clouds of massive stoneflies but don’t ignore the rest of the bugs that are hatching, drakes, pmd’s, yellow sallies, caddis and more are all on the menu right now. Purple cripples, X Caddis, purple haze parachutes, chubbies in all sizes and colors flush floater stones, and trina’s para sally have all been moving fish this past week! The weather is great and the bugs are hatching, time to get out and fish!