Daily Archives: August 11, 2016

Gallatin River Fishing Report 8/11/2016

Hello from Big Sky,

Our Moth hatch has been dwindling for the last few days so we felt it was time for another update. You can still bring some fish up on spruce moths in the early mornings but the crazy berserk style feeding we saw last week is no longer happening. The dry fly bit has still been pretty good, if you head south of Big Sky try a small pink Morrish Hopper or a Nymans fire beetle. In the canyon we’ve been moving fish on Purple Cripples, Moths, and small dark colored Caddis in the evenings. As always nymphing will move fish when the dry fly bite is off and we’ve been having good luck on a variety of small nymphs. Black Psycho Princes, Lightning Bugs, Micro Mayfly’s and Zebra Midges have all been solid flies to float below the indicator. Don’t be afraid to add some split shot and work the more turbulent water. As always swing by the shop or give us a call for the most up to date report!