What should I wear on a float trip?

Light pants and breathable short or long sleeve shirt as a base layer are the most comfortable. Pants that can be unzipped into a pair of shorts are best, while jeans are the least comfortable to wear and if wearing waders they are the worst option; as you will sweat beneath them.

During cooler spring floats or late fall an under garment such as Columbia or Patagonia’s mid weight Capilene is recommended for both a top and bottom layer. Socks should also be brought in the event waders are to be worn; as the neoprene will chafe your lower legs and feet without them.

During hot summer months shorts can suffice, but bringing an extra a pair of pants along is advised in case of overcast conditions with rain or cool evening winds.

Hats and sunglasses are a must as they offer an important amount of protection from the conditions and with flying hooks and lines being cast about. Polarized sunglasses are always best when fly fishing as they allow the angler to see their flies and lines better while taking the sheen off the water’s surface.

Sneakers you can get wet or sandals with some grip to the bottom of them will suffice in summer. In early spring or on late fall floats waders will likely be worn before embarking on a trip. If you’re bringing your own gear be forewarned many guides do not allow spiked-sole wading boots in their drift boats.

What if it rains?

If we’re experiencing unusual thunderstorms before your trip commences and/or the river has muddied due to low level runoff; we will postpone your trip for the following day or cancel the trip if you prefer.

If your float trip is already underway and the weather becomes a factor this is of course beyond a guides control so you will just ride it out and make the best of the experience. We do not offer refunds due to weather conditions once on the river.

Rain coats should be brought on most float trips. Our shop sells affordable light rain jackets for this reason. Your guide will have some space, but usually limited on his drift boat for these items; so the easiest to pack is best (including personal items such as smaller water proof cameras etc).

How many fish will we catch?

It’s not always about catching certain numbers and more about the experience of floating or learning the basics of fly fishing your first time out and on one of Montana’s most beautiful rivers. As to how many one might catch on a full day float trip a lot of this depends on when you come, the weather conditions your faced with, and also how many you hook instead of land. Given considerable and polite instruction plus timing on when to “set” by your guide, when he sees a trout take your fly, can mean the difference between 10 trout missed and only 3 caught and netted.

Rest assured you will be paired up with a friendly, professional, and patient guide and if any special requests are needed or should be considered due to a former injury or disability; please let us know in advance of your booking and we’ll share this with our outfitter which will help him in selecting a certain guide with specialized skills or equipment if needed.