Guided Rivers

Gallatin River

The famed Gallatin River is literally 200 feet from our fly shop.  We get to look at this gorgeous river every day from behind the counter and while that might seem torturous, we have a generous boss who lets us go fish at least once a day. Those visiting Grizzly Outfitters can also share in this privilege by merely crossing the road with one of our new demo rods and fishing one of Montana’s most famous rivers. If what you’re using for dries or nymphs isn’t working, simply drop into our fly shop’s convenient location and our staff of knowledgeable guides can help you find the patterns that are.

The Gallatin is loaded with healthy trout eager to eat and imitation fly and is a great place for a novice angler to learn the art of fly fishing and with some degree of success likely; versus other more challenging and less forgiving rivers in Montana. For those old hands at the sport the Gallatin offers a place to rack up numbers and add another world class Montana river to any adventure or road trip out west.

Best of all camping along this river is second to none as the Gallatin’s vast public access is one of its best features. At our shop we not only carry the latest fly fishing equipment, but also an assortment of the best tents, sleeping bags, and everything you would need to enjoy your stay on this amazing river’s shore..

Madison River

It’s no surprise why the Madison River is on nearly every fly fisherman’s “bucket list”; besides its phenomenal views this fishery is a destination for not only catching lots of healthy trout, but some big ones too. The Upper Madison, also known as “the 50 mile riffle”, is strewn with a virtual rock garden just beneath its surface which creates vital cover and “buckets” for trout to hold in and feed. Having a seasoned guide at the oars who knows where these depressions are, and floats near or over them with precision; allows guests the best opportunity of fooling an unsuspecting trout with a fat dry fly  or double nymph rig.

This stretch of the river runs from Quake Lake to the town of Ennis and fighting big rainbows plus brown trout from one end to the next is what keeps fly fishermen the world over coming back year after year.

The Lower Madison begins just below Ennis Lake and continues into Bear Trap Canyon. This is an 8 mile  hike-in section that offers the adventurous angler chances at unharassed trout and healthy ones too. Below there is Warm Springs Access, near Norris, which is a drift boat fishermen’s desired launching point and runs 15 miles to its furthest take-out. All along this stretch large and small trout lie in wait for the next juicy fly to drift by and this is why fishermen consistently target the river during early spring and late fall.

Yellowstone River

The mighty Yellowstone flows undammed from Gardner to well below Livingston and through the heart of the famed Paradise Valley. Nothing quite tops a quiet day floating and fly fishing this river in Montana. The breathtaking views are what draw many visitors to this stretch, but it’s the superior fishing that keeps anglers coming back for more. Epic hatches of several important aquatic food sources, as well as a river lined by vast ranches of agriculture provide excellent opportunities to drift terrestrial imitations like hoppers, ants, and beetle patterns to rising fish.

Yellowstone National Park

This year Grizzly Outfitters has secured access within Yellowstone National Park; which opens our fly fishing operation up to endless possibilities for the visiting angler.

From the West Yellowstone entrance to the park, which is the quickest access for those who are staying in Big Sky; we now have the opportunity to guide guests on the famed Firehole, Gibbons, and Madison rivers.

On the northeastern part of the park, accessed by either Gardiner or through the park, a few other equally renowned waters such as Slough Creek, Soda Butte, and the Lamar River can be found. And all three will be assuredly full of hungry trout too!

Fishing these creeks in the breathtaking Lamar Valley is simply without question one of the highlights on any fly fisherman’s trip to Yellowstone National Park. So if you’re idea of a true western fly fishing experience includes sharing the river with bison and elk or chances at encountering a grizzly or wolf are so common bear-spray is a must; then booking with Grizzly Outfitters for a trip into Yellowstone Nation Park this season is your best choice. 

Grizzly Outfitters operates under a special use permit with the Gallatin National Forest and is an equal opportunity provider.