Gallatin River Fishing Report 08/23/2015


Hello, Will here with Grizzly Outfitters river shop. September will be here soon and that means cooler nights and shorter days. No need to get out with the sunrise, a 9am start will do just fine. We aren’t seeing a ton of bugs hatching these days but anglers continue to bring fish up on a variety of flies. Small hoppers, think #14 morrish, have been working well in the meadow stretches and small parachutes and spruce moths are still getting it done in the canyon. Nymph fishing will be good with many of the usual suspects, knotty girls, soft hackle pheasnt tails, zebra midges, and of course lightning bugs our all on the menu.

Cooler weather and a slow down in hatches means tougher fishing, for the most part…. The streamer fishing on the Gallatin is often overlooked but can produce some of the best action of the year. You usually won’t catch as many fish as you would with the nymph rig but the ones you do are usually quality and you may even find the ever elusive 20″ or bigger Gallatin Brown. They do exist! For the Gallatin I usually don’t fish the big junk that we like to throw over on the Madison. Near Nuff sculpins, bow river buggers, sparkle minnows, and zonkers are all good options but don’t be afraid to branch out. Try to get your fly down deep where the sculpin dwell then twitch it just enough to keep it from getting snagged. Experiment with different strips, twitches and dead drifts till you find whats working and remember, when it comes to streamer fishing some days are just better than others.

However you chose to fish out on the Gallatin be courteous to your fellow angler, give em some elbow room and say hello when your passing by.


big brown